Stalwarts of the American punk-rock revival, Unwritten Law crashed into town recently under the influence for the Melbourne leg of their ‘Swan Australia Tour 2011’. Veterans of seven studio albums, numerous Top Five chart hits and years of international touring, the current band configuration of Scott Russo, Steve Morris, Pat “PK” Kim and Dylan Howard did what they had to do to satisfy the desires of the screaming legions of fans that descended on Billboard to relive their anguished 90s teen years at full volume.

With a cigarette and beer in hand (flagrantly flouting Australia’s written anti-smoking laws) lead singer and renowned bad-boy-rocker Scott Russo dominated the show, leaping, spinning, strumming and gyrating at will. A true front-man, his energy and confidence personified the attitude crowds expect and need from the lead singer of rock-n-roll band.

The elaborate lighting was the perfect theatrical addition to the set as the band jammed through all spectrums of the rainbow. The set had highs of dizzying energy, juxtaposed with more intimate acoustic moments. Gifts from the crowd arrived on stage relatively regularly, there was no frankincense, myrrh or gold but there was a sweet David Bowie t-shirt that Russo threw side of stage to no doubt keep and wear at a future gig.

After proving a particular hotbed of popularity for Unwritten Law (with various singles and live recordings released exclusively here), Australian fans with high expectations of the gig would have all left feeling sated and elated to see their punk heroes perform a tight, entertaining and dynamic set, perpetuating their popularity Down Under for years to come.